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Can’t cancel my subscription!

I’m paying for the weekly subscription and I want to cancel it but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that! In the app description, it says I can cancel it through user account but there isn’t such an option on the app. I’m really confused. And I’d really like to cancel my subscription.

Don’t bother

It’s not scary like advertise, it’s not even all that exciting to read in general. It’s just a cheap way to make some money off people.


I like to read the story’s but you guys demanding money is annoying and you only get like 30 taps every 15 minutes I’m not paying you guys just for taps and it can even know that you have skipped time damm you


Big fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbow's big fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbow's!!!!!!


I don't know how to make a story. I'm sure other people don't either, that is why I'm writing this. Do you have to get another app and import the story to lure? I'm very!

I already hate it..

I barely got through the beginning story and it already asks me to pay. What a terrible way to start a supposedly "5/5" starred app. Do NOT recommend.. Unless you're willing to pay 2.99 every week!

Can't even read one story

You can't even get through one story without them asking for money. Great if you want to read a story in 30 second increments, not great in any other situation. Super lame.


This app is a scam. LISTEN TO NO ONE. You only receive so many "taps" before you're only options (yes, even free) are to pay to continue tapping away for a conclusion. 10/10 would not recommend.


Thought this was fun but it's expensive so 🙅🏻 no thanks


It has nice categories like comedy,horror etc its just awesom IT HAS EPISODES IN EVERY STORY I LOVE THIS APP BRILLIANT


I love this app!

Pretty giod and creepy depending on the story

Great but creepy depending on the story you chose


I love this app so much, it really gives me a great rush when I’m reading the story. I highly recommend!

Beautiful app

The app is perfect!

So amusing!

I love this app. It distracts me from a stressful situation for a moment.

Ooouu Dang

Ooh man, some of the stories I have read are crazy. It keeps you interested and always wanting to know what will happen next.

great new app!!

i just got this app and it’s so fun!! i’m already hooked and it LURES me into every chapter! the worst part is waiting for the new ones... 😂 but it’s worth the wait! I’d recommend buying the subscription so you can play for hours at a time and never get bored!


Definitely recommend it! You don’t think you’ll get into it, but it’s kinda addictive!


I love this app and the stories it has! I recommend to everyone who is thinking to buy. It’s awesome!!

Fun and mysterious

I loved it!

great app!!

I love the stories! So worth it.


Love the app! Very interesting kept me looking for more! Aha


The stories they come up with are so awesome and creepy Great for scary story telling WOULD RECOMMEND DOWNLOAD NOW


Great app had lots of fun reading the stories

I love this app!

This app is amazing totally love it one of my favorite apps!!:)

Awesome app

Great app with great stories would recommend to anyone wanting to read a good story!


The stories on here amazing and I think the idea is a good one for this app! It really helps dialogue wise with how a story plays out!

Great app!

I love it! Great stories and features! Definitely 5 stars!



This app is truly outstanding!

I love the content on this app! I downloaded this a while back, and it still amazes me to this day. It functions well, it keeps me occupied, and is overall a great app to download. I highly recommend it!


This app makes you pay to finish each story which is bull crap if you ask me there are way better apps than this don’t waste your time it’s not worth it

Love this app!

I found this through Instagram, and checked out the developer's website. I really like the minimalist interface, the range of plots and relationships found in the stories, and the way they leave me hanging. The writers are very talented, and I'll keep coming back for more! Recommend 100% <3

If you don't pay, this app is useless

You read through about a minute's worth of content and then "you're all out of taps". It's either pay or wait for 15 minutes each time you read for a single minute. The just want your money.

Don't do the trial!

I signed up to do the 3-day trial and now it won't let me cancel!! I don't see any place for me to cancel the subscription and I've check both the app and my settings.

Love these stories!

Each one ending in its own form of twists have me craving for more.


To be honest I liked the concept idea but from the sample the execution is not good. Tapping to move to each response feels kind of annoying and unnatural. The sample story the writing my opinion... Corny. The story was predictable and like every horror story ever written. The conversation didn't sound even close to a conversation between two real people. Not really worth a subscription. The price the want for this as well is way to high. All and all it's definitely a no from me. Sorry.

I didn’t expect this

Surprised me with the endings of each stories, come out with images

Wish I could make a profile

Cant wait for the next big update

Great app

Great stories very entertaining from creepy to scary these stories get you hooked can’t stop reading

Come out with more!

PLEASE. Ive been waiting days!

This is pretty interesting concept

Really like what you guys did with this concept. Curious to see how it does

Stories have me shook

Im shook from the package, Idk what tyler did next

This is pretty awesome reading app

concepts cool, wish there were more features

Love the tap feature

The tapping feature is a very cool way to have me engaged with the stories! Love this app!!!

I love it

It’s really good, creepy, and scary. All the stories made u want to keep on reading.

Awesome 👻

This app is amazing. If you like the thrill of scary things this is definitely for you!

Great App!

I got this app through a recommendation from a friend, and after I installed it I was glad I did. The stories are intriguing and scary, and left me looking around every corner of my house while I was in the dark. Great app, and the stories will really creep you out and make you shiver.


This app defintely didn’t let me down

Works as described

I use it everyday and I love it

My kids want more episodes!

My kids have not stopped using this app since downloading it! Thank you!

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