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Ok just when I read future creeped me out , and made me sad and # spoiler alert Kay is a weirdo and if you’re name is Kay sorry but I’m talking about the dang robot because I got so mad still “riled up” right now and probably going to give me nightmares. After I finish my other episode I’m going to straight up delete the app. Also has inappropriate language do not recommend this app for kids and seriously 12+!?!?!!? You’re squaring and letting a 12 year old see that omg

What the hell?

So stories cut off, they just cut off in the middle, it says it's the end of the story but it's clear that it shouldn't be the end, I've come across a few like that, it's really, really irritating, I will definitely be canceling after the 3 day free trial.


I saw a lot of good reviews on this app so I downloaded it, NOT WHAT PEOPLE SAID u must subscribe to this otherwise wait 24 minutes so y again? I was told this was a good app and if I could this would get no stars 😡


Boo! This app seemed great from the ads, but the game ends really fast and you have to wait half an hour to continue unless you want to subscribe (which is way too expensive).


This app is ok but all the reviews are kinda said that it was only 15 minutes wait and one said that it was not a wait at can see everything like the pics and stuff but u have to pay a bunch for just for the’s an ok app tho.

Tempting app

I want more juciy roomance stories.


💚😱I love this app so much! It's really enjoyable.You know how every other app doesn't let you show pictures,and you have to buy it? Well this one is...SOO great! I'm so glad I could see the pictures on what's happening! I was reading the one chat story:The Alarm System,I think it's cool! I was surprised when it show me a picture,and I was like,"Yes! They even have free pictures to look at!" This really deserves a 5 star!

Pay or waste your time.

15 minute wait in the middle of a story unless you pay? If I'd known that I wouldn't have bothered

This is actually good.

The new interface and whole feel of the app really immerses you into the lure world, they really nailed it. Overall aside from small things, this is the best text-based stories app in its category that I've ever downloaded


This app is so interesting and it's a great thing to do when you're bored! 10/10 recommend


This app is soo entertaining! Loving it so far! I love the stories they’re so fun to read and wonder what’s coming up next!

Entertaining and fun

It’s always a fun app when you’re bored or trying to pass time because the stories really draw you in, and the way they’re written aren’t like normal stories so it’s really easy to get wrapped up in each story. 4 stars for sure

Great concept!

First I’m really comfortable playing the game because it’s almost just like iMessage. I first got into story games two years ago and this concept is great because it incorporates chat (which is something everybody does) and stories. I would highly recommend if your interested in a good read.


I love this app!!!! It’s so interesting and always has me on the edge of my seat! Definitely one of my favorite apps!


This keep you reading and wanting more! Definitely a captivating story app!

Why does every chat end in the middle of the story?

I’m reading these stories and they suddenly just end right in the middle... Like what?

I love it!

I love the new update! Its so much better, and you get more chat without the wait! Before it was every 10-20 taps then you had to wait 14 minutes (which is still pretty good)and you don't have to pay to see pictures! I've been waiting for a app like this! 🙏🏽 I sound so professional jeez



Yasss I can see the picture

So in hooked or yarn it says that you need to start a trial but this one doesn't


it’s ok for the most part. i’m more interested in the other apps though.

Exciting format!

This is a pretty cool / innovative format for delivering short stories, but the navigation back to the home screen could be easier.

love it

a lot better than hooked and yarn

Addictive stories

Addictive stories!! However i wish i didn’t have to pay to “skip the wait” Other than that, i love this app!

Just Got It!

I just read a few stories and they gave just enough to get me intrigued in the story plots and turns. I’ll update again once I sign up for a subscription...


Great reads

Great app! Way better than the other story apps.

The stories and plots are very captivating compared to other apps


really good and interesting, easy to navigate 😍

Awesome app

Downloaded it because California on Instagram told me about it, love the app, it’s actually amazing!




I don't really like reading but Lure just makes me never want to get off the app

A wild roller coaster of emotions!

This app makes me feel like I’m back in high school with the ‘Just Friends’ story in the romance section! The anticipation, the joy, the sadness... all that building emotion that seeps through when tapping for the next piece. Absolutely brilliant!

Pretty good

A lot better than expected!! Not sure if it’s worth paying for, but the stories are pretty good.

Just downloaded

Fun way to kill time! Thanks


It’s so great!!! LLOOVVEE it. So suspenseful. Just wish it didn’t make us wait 15 minuets every 40 seconds

Great app

Great app for when you are bored. Came here from the @california contest.


Really interesting read! Just hate you have to pay to read the rest :( had me hooked!

Scary stories

If you choose the right when you could be on the edge of your seat. I just chose the one about a crying baby and woman! It was crazy and made you want to know what was gonna happen! I don’t want to tell you too much you’ll just have to read it (:


Really good stories

Used it once and it kept charging me for 4 months

I used this app once and it kept charging my card. I didn’t notice till a few months too late. Would not recommend.

I don’t like the “running out of taps” idea...

I love the app but i don’t like the fact that you can run out of taps....

What did you think?

There’s always a “What did you think” but there not a button for next episode. I would appreciate it if you added a button for Next Episode

All of these apps are the same

They literally use the same advertisements for different apps. All of these apps require you to pay to continue reading with a ridiculous monthly subscription. These stories are mediocre at best, and you can easily find scarier / better ones FOR FREE online. Don’t get these apps.

Need more time to read!

So what I’m saying is that I only got two messages down my first story and i has to wait 15 because I’m cheap I didn’t want to buy it but anyways it should let us through a whole story before it tells us that “You Are Out Of Taps” so please read this and improve on it. This will be with many others in my belief.

Just lies

When it says your out of tries, it would give you options and stuff. And I press 1.99 for weekly and I saw 7.99. There just trying to scam u into not seein. That and buying it


When i deleted the app it continues to show the icon on my home screen and wont let me delete it. If anyone knows how to fix it please tell me. It is very annoying.

Hate. It.

I been looking for a app to watch texts. I found this, it’s cool and all but you have to wait minutes to tap and read again, I hate that because the rest of the text apps have those too. It isn’t worth it to pay for unlimited taps. Please developers remove it. It has no purpose. Same goes for the other text apps. Thanks for reading my review and i hope you remove it.

Hi I’m 8

I’m 8


People buy “more taps”?! It’d be like reading a story on a bunch of gum wrappers or Burma Shave signs— and paying out the rear for the privilege. Wow. No thanks.


Monthly subscription 🤦🏻‍♀️ don’t bother

Awful. Just avoid.

I'm a huge fan of horror stories, creepypasta and clever writing in general. You won't get that with this app. The stories are amateurish and predictably boring. You will never make it through a single story without being asked to pay money. The app is buggy as well. I'm deleting this dumpster fire of an app. If you're interested in reading actual good content (for free), I'd suggest creepypasta subreddits or the SCP wiki series.

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