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Kids younger than 10 should not get but for older yes.


Very bad


won’t let me cancel payment


Half the stories I read don’t have a ending. Not worth it.


So it said that for a year I’d be charged $0.83/week - so I purchased it, but it turned out I was charged for the whole year at once! Would love to get in contact to get a refund as I will not be using this. Thank you!

Have to pay for pictures.

The app itself isn’t bad, and I get making people wait a bit on a free account, but give me the option to watch an ad or something to see photos.


Did free trial and they charged me for a week trial! Totally uncool


I am in LOVE with this app but.... I JUST WANT YOU GUYS TO UPDATE THE STORIES MORE!!! I have read ALL the romance because (I am addicted) but like I said I really want you guys to update the stories more like for example unexpected or what can I say, was like the second story and is STILL ON EPISODE 1! So I give you guys a 9.5 because I am really desperate for more episodes to start reading them all agin SO PLEASE READ THIS AND HELP A GIRL OUT ❤️ps I am in love with your app

I love it

Omg it's so good


This app is crap, because it libres you to download it then when you begin reading it pops up a annoumcement that you need to pay for it monthly.

Lure review

This app lure is amazing it includes romance,comedy,horror,mystery And I love it u should all check it out

It’s just like every other app 🙄

You claim to have free pictures but you have to pay 4.99 every week after the first picture if you want to see them. After like 10 taps you get a 20 minute wait time and it’s just annoying.

New Feature Possibly?

I love the app, I overall think it’s a good app with very little mistakes but I really think it would be nice if you could write your own story. I think that one of my friends told me that you could but If you can I can’t figure out how.

Delete Cliffhanger and Hooked

This is the best already and I just downloaded this app 😲😲😲😲😲.Even though I cannot see the images yet,I still prefer to have this app on your iPhone or any other.


I hate this app so much I’m deleting this right now like seriously don’t download this app like BRUH!!!!!

Why I like this app

I love this app cause it has romance stories and can y’all plz not charge for seeing the pictures and on the romance stories put naked girls in the pictures plz

Just do it for free

Deleted the app because the stories are lame and they make you pay for the photos that supposedly make the story scary.

Doesn’t seem worth it.

Didn’t get far before it made me wait a 20 minute wait, only read like 1 minute into the story..... & who wants to pay about $20 a month? I paid $10 for one month on episode for unlimited passes. $20 is way too much, sorry.

I like it but there’s some issues

So on the stories you can’t press the users name, and it doesn’t give a full description so I can’t read it and how do you know if there’s more chapters. I would like answers. Thank you


Are the chats free ?


This app always does this 20 minute timer before all the good parts of the story and when I try to see a picture it tells me to do a 3 day trial THAT’S DUMB!!!! It isss. Just make it where you don’t have timers in front of the good parts and no trials the app should have been made this way!!!!!!!!

I hate but love it

I love lure!! It’s litterly the best. Now what pisses me off about it is I get hooked into five different stories and they never finish them. They get left at a good part and that’s it !? It’s so stupid !!! I mean finish the stories people !!! Or delete the app !

Money taken

I downloaded this app one time and read one story to try it out and then deleted it because it’s not my cup of tea,,,,,since then about 3 dollars have been taken out of my account every few days. I’ve downloaded the app again to see if I subscribed by mistake but there is not even an option to unsubscribe on the app or to see if you even are subscribed nor are there any options in the emails I receive telling me that the app is taking my money. Please fix this in any way you can.


Honestly in my mind I thought that this was going to be a good app but then...but then I found out that you have to wait 20min and that is just stupid in my opinion, but they do give you an option to subscribe to them on Facebook or pay 2.99 every week. Now I know that 2.99 isn’t that much, BUT EVERY WEEK!!!! That is just ridiculous. And I hate that if your 20min is done with one story you can’t just go on and read another story, you have to wait for that one to. It’s just really a shame that such a good app goes to such a waste.😪

The story Pretty exhausted

The story “Pretty Exhausted” sounds like my life. My dad had a affair she got pregnant and now parents are divorced. And it has my dads name in the story to and my stepmoms name but not my moms.👌🏼😭😂




I like it but I don't like waiting 20 minutes to just continue a little bit left of the story. Can it just have the whole story?

Pictures 😐😐

So I’ve only had this app for like 15 minutes but I was really excited because a lot of the reviews said that the pictures was free, you just had to wait a certain amount of time after each episode. I honestly didn’t mind the wait as long as I could see the pictures but with the very first story I begin it has a picture and when I tried to view the picture it said I have to subscribe. Is it free or am I just late to the party and you need a subscription now? If I need a subscription I will be deleting the app because then nothing makes this app different from the others like it. Sorry for the harsh review, just being honest.


There are sad,funny,weird and tons more check it out

Pop ups

I get pop ups for other stories while I’m reading and they won’t go away I tried everything

awesome, but....

This is a great app but I don’t like that you have to subscribe to see the pictures and read through a story without stopping. Other than these little things I love this app would recommend if I wasn't broke😂. Therefore, if you are not broke get this app and pay 2.99 a week.🤯

Not that great..

If I'm gonna be honest this app has great stories and all but, I just think waiting twenty minutes to read the rest of the story AND having to pay to see pictures!!? So stupid! So when I encountered that we had to pay to see the pictures I let it slide...but you have to WAIT TO READ THE STORY! I immediately deleted the app. This to me are my pet-peeves about the app. I hope I get a response in return AND if one of these problems get fixed maybe I think about getting the app again.


I think that the app lure had a variety of stories for kids and adults to read. For example lure has stories about Horror👹, comedy😂,romance💘. And much more. Lure is an amazing app and I use it all the time. If I were to rate this out if 10 I would give it a 9 or 9.5 because of one thing- when you are reading a story and you getting to a really good part it makes you wait about 20 minutes, but it won’t do that if you subscribe or if you spend 2.99 every week. If someone can help me because I am wondering how you subscribe to this app, so that way when I am reading my story I don’t have to stop. For instance I am currently reading a horror one and it was really good, but then I had to stop and I have been spending the last 20 minutes trying to figure out how to subscribe. So if someone could please help me that would be great. Sorry this was so long but...😂🤪


Why are y’all still trying to charge my card and are still taking money off my card if I no longer have the app!!! I’m giving one star because you’re operating systems should have been seen that I longer use this app nor should I be paying for it anymore!!!

Better than most

This app is much better than most chat story apps, but of course there are flaws. If you are not subscribed, you have to wait 20 minuets to see the next episode of any story, And if you are a fast reader like me, then you get like 3 minuets of reading and 20 minuets of waiting. * * * But otherwise the stories are everything that you would hope for and so far no ads.


Pretty good but for some reason I can’t see the pics... there are also fake reviews and it threw me off. But still a good app I would recommend it to someone who isn’t as broke as me lol 😂

Uhhhhhhhh 🙄

Ok so I love this app but what the hell is up with the fact that the story is just ending at a complete idiotic cliffhanger!?And if I need to be a subscriber then that is just bs!Please let the stories finish even if we are members or not!🤨🤨😠😠🙄🙄


Why did y'all have to remove the free pictures I mean the stories are alright but they're kinda cheesy and stories are left on a cliffhanger most times. I'm considering deleting and switching to another app bc the only reason I kept this was because the pictures immersed you in the story and they were also free unlike a lot of other apps . Don't get me wrong the stories have nice twists I just feel like there are loose ends that aren't tied up at the end of most stories ya feel me


I love this app and it’s even better with the update. I love getting to see pictures and not waiting a ton. This game is the kind of creepy text game I’ve been looking for (no money needed for pictures, ect).

Terrible really.

Stories are cheesy, and they leave you on a cliff hanger. Which is highly irritating. The wait time is stupid. Just a way to get people to spend money on something that’s worth nothing.

love it but time

i love the app and its staries but i think u have to wait a lil to long

The duck story

bum bum bum bum bum a duck walked up the chicken stand hr said to the man that was running the stand hey got any steak chicken said no but he wanted the duck to get a free dog but duck said I’ll pass then waddle waddle waddle waddle tell the very next day bum bum bum bum bum bum bum then the chicken ate him the duck THE END hope u like it

Good app

The stories are interesting and have lots of twists. I just wish the stories were longer because there are only about forty minutes then you wait about fifteen until you get to read about forty more. But in all I would highly recommend this app.

Why remove Ad to skip?

It was amazing after the update but now that there’s no more watching an ad to skip I’m tempted to go onto hooked or cliffhanger🤦‍♂️

Extremely thrilling and fun but...

I’ve had a few of these types of apps before, and Lure is for sure the best. One of my previous games was called Yarn, where every 20 taps you had to wait 45 minutes!!! Now, with Lure, I get 25 taps and then a 15 minute wait. It’s so much better! On the other hand, I still don’t like the fact that you have to wait 15 minutes to continue the story. I feel that it would be better if there was no wait at all, but again, that’s how Lure makes their profit. Also, the horror text stories are hands down 100% the best. Their romance, mystery, and comedy ones aren’t as interesting as I would want them to be. Their horror stories are seriously exhilarating. I wish they had even more of them. Overall this app is a must-have if you have patience for 15 min


The stories are fun to read but they never really tell you what happens at the end. They will stop the story and I always want to know what ends up happening.

Not really free

The app is very well designed and the story’s interface is pretty cool. Halfway through your first story, you’ll get a message saying that you can either subscribe for 3.99 or wait 15 mins which I think is a little too much. Therefore, I deleted the app and I’m very disappointed.

Good but...

This app is AMAZING and you don’t have to pay for mostly anything but the one thing is the ending are sometimes bad but lure is one of the best apps I’ve had


The stories and basically the same and stolen from other apps like this. The endings also are really bad, they’re all cliffhangers or make absolutely no sense at all. I like the low wait time and the set up itself but the stories just ruin everything that’s good about this app honesty. They’re cheesy and not scary when they should be romantic and creepy.

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